A virtual balloon race for
The West Kent 2026 Festival Appeal for the West Kent Masons

West Kent Masons

These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and www.rentaballoonrace.com, a Purepages Group Limited subsidiary.

  1. Balloon purchases must be completed 30 minutes before race launch.
  2. Prizes are awarded according to the distance travelled by a balloon in a straight line from the launch location.
  3. Winners will be notified within 1 week of the race finishing and published on the race website.
  4. Rentaballoonrace Limited decisions on all matters affecting the awarding of prizes are final and legally binding. No correspondence regarding the results of the race will be entered into. Prizes may sometimes vary without notice from those specified.
  5. Any Purepages Group employee or anyone directly connected with the organisations or their immediate family will be ineligible to enter.
  6. Any winner who has not responded to notification within 21 days will forfeit their prize; a replacement winner will be selected from next furthest travelled balloon.

Balloon Design Limitations

It is forbidden when decorating a balloon for you to attempt to post, list or upload inappropriate content. Inappropriate is defined as text likely to cause offence.